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Women of North Carolina: Trump is in our corner!

By Palmetto Sentinel / Published on Wednesday, 21 Aug 2019 17:24 PM / Comments Off on Women of North Carolina: Trump is in our corner! / 2026 views

by Diamond & Silk

If there’s anything that women have learned since gaining the right to vote a century ago, it’s that we must stand up against the bullies who want to take our voices away from us.

Women for Trump is holding a voter registration training in Raleigh on August 22, and we hope you’re able to make it, because it’s crucial that women turn out to vote for President Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats expect women to side with them on every issue, and they get extremely upset when we show signs of independent thought. They call Republicans misogynists while insisting that their own political priorities are the only genuine “women’s issues.” They also demean women who don’t agree with them by suggesting that they’re being controlled by their spouses or fathers.

In other words, Democrats try to cudgel women into supporting their ideas through manipulation.

That’s not right. “Women’s issues” are not determined by the whims of liberal politicians and pundits, but by women ourselves — and we speak through the ballot box, not through a liberal prism of predetermined groupthink.

We’ve encountered more than our fair share of liberal bullying (the only people who enrage liberals more than female conservatives are black conservatives), so we know how frustrating it is. But we’ve also had a lot of fun fighting back against outrageous liberal attacks, and we want to help other conservative women stand up for their beliefs, too.

Women for Trump is holding a voter-registration drive on August 26 to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, because we think it’s important that the voices of conservative women are heard over the cacophony of cable news anchors and liberal pundits trying to speak for us. The 2020 election will mark a full century since women first gained the right to vote in national elections, and we’re going to make sure that it’s a momentous centennial by getting as many women to the ballot box as we possibly can.

It may come as a surprise to the Democrats, but the issues we women care about are essentially the same issues that most of America cares about. Women want a strong economy, quality healthcare, and safe communities where our children can thrive. President Trump has made great strides on these issues, such as declaring National School Choice Week to encourage families and lawmakers to embrace new educational opportunities, particularly high-performing charter schools.

The Trump administration has also created new rules to make healthcare prices more transparent by requiring hospitals to disclose the actual prices they charge insurance companies, allowing patients to make informed choices and avoid the sticker shock of receiving enormous bills for routine procedures such as receiving stitches. You don’t even have to do any comparison shopping to save money on your health care expenses under President Trump, though — in just the first 18 months of his presidency, Americans saved an astounding $26 billion on prescription drugs thanks to the Trump FDA’s emphasis on approving new generic drugs.

For these reasons, and many more, women across the country support the President and his agenda, and will turn out for him in droves come Election Day 2020.

Like the rest of America, women in Raleigh, North Carolina certainly know that President Trump has delivered for them. The President’s policies have brought the American economy back to life, creating almost 6 million new jobs and producing the biggest wage increases in a decade. The local unemployment rate fell to an unheard-of 3.1 percent in April, which has encouraged thousands of residents to reenter the workforce, further fueling economic growth in the area. Raleigh has thrived in the Trump economy, recently being listed among the most livable and family-friendly cities in the country.

The women of Raleigh want to see this incredible progress continue. We want to see Raleigh become an even better place to live, and that means sticking with the President whose policies have created the safety and prosperity we’re enjoying today.

Instead of letting liberal pundits and Democrat politicians tell us which issues we’re supposed to care about, let’s use the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage to show them what “women’s issues” are really all about.

Diamond and Silk are Internet sensations, Vloggers and Commentators, Fox Nation Personalities and President Trumps most loyal supporters

(Ed:  Reprinted with permission and with pleasure!)