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Will XFL vs NFL Be the New WCW vs WWE?

By Justin McAbee / Published on Monday, 19 Feb 2018 08:50 AM / No Comments / 64 views

On January 25th 2018, Vince McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), announced the launch of the Xtreme Football League (XFL) for the second time. This received a mixed reaction from both wrestling and football fans alike. Some fans are hoping the league can challenge the NFL while others are seeing this as McMahon’s unwilling to accept his previous failed venture into the football world.

The XFL suffered from many flaws, including an over reliance on WWE stars like The Rock, who would give interviews on the game. While this could be entertaining at times, it would have helped to focus on the game rather than focus on WWE characters. Having established wrestling commentators call football games was a mistake. While hearing the voice of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on Monday Night Raw is fitting, hearing them talk about football is a different story. WWE is ‘sports entertainment’ and that is what Vince McMahon wanted for the XFL, not to rival the NFL with American Football but to rival the WWE in sports entertainment.

The fate of this revival of the XFL will not be decided until 2020 when the first game takes the field. This is a good thing; it gives fans something to talk about and builds intrigue to a sport full of drama, from the Ezekiel Elliott suspension, Roger Goodell making questionable decisions, and the anthem protests.

The XFL promises to bring Football back to America and give the fans a voice. This new league brings the possibility of no halftimes, shorter games, no anthem protests, and making the game safer for fans. This gives fans a nice alternative to the NFL, just how WCW was for WWE. Ask any wrestling fan and they will tell you that Vince McMahon loves competition and won’t rest until he meets his goal. For every Ric Flair there was a Hulk Hogan, For every Sting there was a Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In 2001, Vince McMahon purchased WCW and said the way to beat your competition is to grab it by the throat. That’s exactly what he did and could very well do to the NFL come 2020

So yes, the XFL has a good shot at challenging the NFL but for how long is the real question.

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