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Tracks of the Week 4/27/18: Andy Mineo, Mason Ramsey, & NEEDTOBREATHE

By David L. Hawkins, III / Published on Friday, 27 Apr 2018 19:23 PM / No Comments / 76 views

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  • Tracks of the Week 4/27/18: Andy Mineo, Mason Ramsey, & NEEDTOBREATHE

These are picks for some of my favorite pieces of music released in the past week, as well as some music I just think is particularly noteworthy. This includes everything from singles to deepcuts, parts of EPs to parts of LPs, everything from the past week is on the table.


After their H A R D L O V E album and the various reimaginings of the titular single, the band toured and then released the Hard Cuts Sessions. Now the band has began their ‘Forever By Your Side’ Tour and have released two new songs. This is the second song released from their upcoming projects, a series of songs quickly written while on the road. This one is very much in the vein of “Let’s Stay Home Tonight” from H A R D L O V E. This track encapsulates the feeling of the bandmembers being away from their families, especially their wives. These South Carolina natives create some of the best pop-leaning southern-inspired music around today and this new project is looking to be a good one.

ANDY MINEO – “Family Photo”

Andy Mineo’s latest project seemingly came out of nowhere. It has been 3 years since his 2015 release, Uncomfortable, and we had gotten no previews before this EP was announced to release in its entirety Friday. This is also teased to be only the beginning of a story that Andy Mineo will continue throughout the year. The end of his video for the EP promises several more EPs followed by a full album that will wrap up this story. The theme of the story is Mineo’s doubt. This particular track stood out to be as it tackles his relationship with his father, who was never really there. It opens with him hoping that his father shows up to his wedding day but it never happens. Halfway through the track Mineo loses it as it becomes apparent his dad isn’t coming. He raps: “I hate the fact I still love you / I wish I could turn you off / Take the cord to my heart and unplug you /Damn man, you my dad, what I did to you to make you not love me?” This track captures these pent up feelings well and is my favorite moment from a very amazing EP.


I do not necessarily like this song all that much, but it is worth talking about. After initially hearing it, I wanted to figure out how to describe the experience. One person on my Instagram described it perfectly when she called him “the Southern Beiber.” The sound is fairly poppy which is disappointing because it isn’t the roots music one could hope for from the kid who got ‘famous’ for yodeling. There is not one yodel on this track and the sound overall is very generic. The line ‘If I wanna be famous for something, I wanna be famous for loving you’ comes off as very cheesy as well. I understand that I am critiquing an 11 year old but I would not be surprised if this was a song handed to him by an executive, especially since he is on Atlantic Records and Big Loud (with Jake Owen). I just hope Mason Ramsey is able to grow as an artist as he grows up and is not forced into a pop country box any further. I also hope the fame at such a young age does not hurt him.

WESTOVER – “Memory”

Winter Jam prejam artist and up and coming synth artist, this band creates some much more chill music. The thing I appreciate about them is that music isn’t just a chill sound, they also deliver when it comes to lyrical content. Their songs are catchy while also being rather introspective. This track tackles a lot about identity and forgetting who you are by getting lost in who everyone else defines you as. A lot of their music tackles the pull between their good and bad and this continues that theme. I look forward to Westover actually putting out a full LP soon.

MIKE SHINODA – “About You” ft. blackbear

It has been a difficult journey for Mike Shinoda and his Linkin Park bandmates, since lead singer Chester Bennington took his life last year. Mike Shinoda is gearing up to release his solo LP this summer, with the same name as his solo EP, Post Traumatic. Post Traumatic was a great EP and I look forward to the full album. Shinoda’s songs have been him trying to get through the passing of his friend. The most recent single for this project features one of my least favorite artists at the moment, blackbear. I do appreciate this feature however, since blackbear did help write the last Linkin Park album that Bennington worked on. This is one of my least favorite singles from Shinoda’s project. It does not hit nearly as hard and there are no real difficult lyrical moments. The visuals are cool, as he has made a disorienting video for each Post Traumatic track.

NEWSONG – “Glue”

This is a song I have heard multiple times live previously to its digital release. The song is a pretty good Christian pop song from a mainstay in the industry but it does not capture the feel of the song live. I do understand that capturing the experience of a live song is difficult, but it is just a nitpick. The song is all about how God holds Christians together and continues the theme of fellowship with other Christians from “I Am A Christian.”

That’s all for this week. There were other tracks that I did not mention in detail so look below for more songs!


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