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The Truth Behind the Catholic MAGA Students & the Native American Protester

By David L. Hawkins, III / Published on Monday, 21 Jan 2019 10:44 AM / No Comments / 98 views

Hateful incidents against people for groups they belong to are awful. That is something that is not defendable to me. There will always be hateful people and I have no problem condemning them where they are. With a political culture who looks at headlines and retweets with something witty, Twitter has become a vehicle for false outrage and hate incidents.

The story pushed by many news outlets, USA Today and the Washington Post included, is that Catholic students who were Trump supporters forced their way into a crowd of protesters and began to mock a native American man for being native American. This is out of context and so divorced from the truth that to believe it is to fully disregard the full 2 hour video of the incident.

The unedited footage shows what actually transpired. The protesters made their way into the crowd of MAGA supporters. Nathan Phillips, the main native American protester, then proceeded to beat a drum in the face of a student sporting a MAGA hat. The student silently stood there with his hands in his pockets. While this happened, another protester screamed into the face of a nearby student a very hateful, racist statement. He exclaims, “White people, go back to Europe. This is not your land. You may have been here for a few generations, compared to us, we been here million f**king years. So get the f**k out of my face with that sh*t.”

Another protester later screams about Trump in drag kissing Rudy Giuliani. This protester screams at the MAGA supporters that their president is a homosexual, which causes the students to ask about whether an individual’s sexual orientation actually matters. The protester, a member of the Black Hebrew Israelites, then criticizes American by yelling “You gave f*ggots rights!”A student then answers “they’re still human!” The same protester, who does appear to be African American, then criticizes the students for only having “one n*gga in the crowd.” As he finds more black students among the MAGA crowd, he begins counting them. “AH YOU GOT TWO N*GGA IN THE CROWD” is his statement before yelling repeatedly “get out n*gga.”

Racism towards both whites and blacks. Homophobia. Inciting aggressiveness against these students. These were not civil protesters in the slightest. Nathan Phillips, the one with the drum, even has a history of claiming hate crimes to incite conflict.

The biggest issue in America today culturally is outrage culture. It is easy to see your favorite celebrities take a 2 minute clip from a 2 hour long video and retweet it. It is easy to use that clip as justification for hate still being a systemic issue in American society. The truth is that the news wants us to be outraged. It wants us to be polarized and mad at each other. It wants races to hate each other. It wants classes to clash. It wants what makes headlines because the more sensational a headline, the more clicks it can get. This incident is one in which the protesters acted the same way they believe their enemy acts. In doing so, they show their true colors while the students did very little to hurt or obstruct the protest.

Don’t let stories like this blindly skew your perception of your fellow American. Don’t become outraged at a whole group because an incident, valid or otherwise, shows them as being hateful. We are not the color of our skin. We are Americans and the more we try and segregate ourselves, the worse this culture will become.

Two more well-researched videos on the incident below:

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