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The bungled Epstein mess

By Palmetto Sentinel / Published on Monday, 12 Aug 2019 09:22 AM / No Comments / 172 views

What a story this has turned out to be. The keystone cops strike again. Have no fear. The feckless FBI and DOJ plan to investigate everything. What could go wrong? I mean, the FBI initiated a coup against the President and, we the people, lied and still lying about it, made up stuff, aided and abetted by the feckless media while still continuing to scream for impeachment. Yea, that’s the bunch that is in charge of another fine mess, known as the Jeffrey Epstein situation. Jeffrey is dead, they say. Suicide, they say. Autopsy, not revealing enough, they say. Results still pending, they say. BS, I say!

Of course, everyone in their right mind knows that “Trump did it”. Who else could have pulled this off? Plus, it’s a known fact, Trump had help from the Russians. Just asked “Nadless” Nadler.

The unique thing about this whole scenario is that those people who are in charge of “things” cannot be believed at all. When Barr came out to assure the people that the FBI would investigate Epstein’s death, did he actually think that we the people would buy anything they’re selling? Seriously? I’d believe Christopher Steele first. No, wait. He’s unbelievable too. There is no one, I repeat, no one within the departments of the FBI and DOJ that can be trusted with the truth. Their record speaks for itself.

To call this fiasco a dog and pony show, is a smear on dogs and ponies everywhere. It’s one of those terms that the feds made up for an act of terrorism. Remember? They call it “a man made disaster”. They sure nailed that one, didn’t they? The entire breadth of our government is rife with corruption. The old adage “never let a crisis go to waste” is alive and well within the media and government. It can be seen and heard several times a day without much effort on your part. The politicians and the media, in lockstep with their lies and agendas. There is no justice, but there is a mess.

If there were justice available, the people would soon see an order of custom fitted government rope for a select bunch of crooked officials. That, or maybe a government sanctioned duel. Hey, they used to actually do that, didn’t they? It is or was customary to shoot horses if they were unable to perform. If it’s good enough for a horse…

What a bungled mess!