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Stop the lie. There is NO such thing as government funding

By Palmetto Sentinel / Published on Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019 11:40 AM / Comments Off on Stop the lie. There is NO such thing as government funding / 174 views

How many times do we hear/have heard the term, Government Funding? Way too many and way too often. And many people tend to believe that there is such a thing. Things like, the government can give one money, the government can fix my income situation, the government can give me solar energy, health care and whatever else that goes with the flavor of the day. There’s a huge misconception, because the “government” does not have any money. Actually, the “government” is as poor as Job’s proverbial turkey. As rich as this country seemingly is, we are still a debtor nation. The blame lies squarely upon the shoulders of those in Washington, DC, that have been elected by We the People…on both sides of the aisle.

The spending of taxpayers dollars is continuing at an alarming rate, with apparently no accountability in sight. Sure, the economy is great, employment is booming, many businesses are enjoying a profit and life is good, right? Right! Except for that one little issue that will haunt our grand kids, and then their kids, unless the Lord returns and takes us home. That one little issue is called debt, or otherwise referred to as the National Debt.

Our ‘government’ is living way above the revenue that it receives. All the unnecessary programs and projects that have been begun by our government funding is making a mockery of everything that should be noble. As stated earlier, the government doesn’t fund anything or provide anything. Those ‘things’ are provided by the taxpayers. Revenue comes into this country via several avenues. There are individual taxes, payroll taxes, corporate taxes, estate taxes, etc. There are tariffs and taxes on goods, such as alcohol, tobacco, etc. And the ‘government’ pays the bills, the debts. However, there is more spending and accumulation of more debt. Yes, we are a debtor nation, indeed.





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