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NF Drops New Single “Outro”, Analysis & Review

By David L. Hawkins, III / Published on Wednesday, 02 Aug 2017 14:58 PM / Comments Off on NF Drops New Single “Outro”, Analysis & Review / 128 views

Christian rapper, NF, released the first single from his new project. “Outro” acts as both a beginning and a resolution for the artist. In his last two albums, Mansion and Therapy Session, NF deals with emotional and physical abuse, the loss of his mother, and expectations for his career.

This pain has been the “root of his music”, he says in this new single. This song is all about NF pondering whether or not he is even capable of happiness. I would actually go on a limb and say that this song is his most hopeful yet.

The music video includes characters and props from many of his previous videos. The video opens with NF wrapped up in the caution tape that was a big visual theme from the video for “Intro.” The girl, the crashed car, and the ambulance from “I Just Wanna Know” appears. The gardener character who felt like his life was useless from “Wake Up” digs holes in the yard of a house NF walks by. We also see the people in white masks, the boy cutting, and the girl with fighting parents all from “Therapy Session.” At one point in the video NF raps while sitting on a bed where his late mother smokes from the emotional music video “How Could You Leave Us.” Towards the end of the video he walks through what’s left of the crashing plane from “Real”, which is probably one of the best visuals of the video.

Overall this video shows him walking through his past while pondering on what his future will be. This third album is looking like it will be a trans-formative moment for him as an artist. We can also expect the third ‘Intro’ track coming soon since it is mentioned towards the end of this track. Fans should expect a much more hopeful and uplifting tone from this record though I’m sure NF’s dark tones within his music will still be there, as that is a part of his musical identity.