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Kevin Bryant Has Defined the Race for South Carolina Governor

By David L. Hawkins, III / Published on Thursday, 07 Jun 2018 15:52 PM / Comments Off on Kevin Bryant Has Defined the Race for South Carolina Governor / 149 views

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Two Warren for Governor signs and one McMaster for Governor sign blocks a Bryant for Governor sign on a road here in Pauline. This intrusive use of sign placement unintentionally paints a picture of how this race has played out thus far.

taken by David L. Hawkins

Kevin Bryant has defined this race. Every other candidate has went by most of Bryant’s views and have supported many of the bills that he wrote. He is the candidate with the record against a former democrat, a Nikki Haley appointee with a pandering campaign, an incumbent with connections to Columbia corruption, and a former marine who has great ideas but many of them do seem to be way too good to be true.

While the other candidates parroted right wing talking points on South Carolina issues, Byrant was the one to propose actual legislation, in the form of the Anti-Racketeering Act. All of the candidates present at a Greenville GOP forum agreed that the biggest problem currently facing South Carolina is corruption in Columbia. McMaster was not present but his relationship with political consultant, Richard Quinn, cannot be ignored. Richard Quinn, who Bryant refers to as ‘the Godfather’ of South Carolina politics, was indited on counts of illegal lobbying and selling votes. He has been behind many campaigns, including those of Governor McMaster and Senator Lindsey Graham.

While McMaster bathes and thrives off of Columbia’s corruption, the remainder of the South Carolina Gubernatorial hopefuls pledge to fight against it. They all choose the same solutions – enact term limits, reform the DOT, stop secret lobbying, closed party primaries, and more. John Warren even goes as far as saying he plans to endorse and help fund opponents to establishment politicians. This sounds all well, but former Governor Nikki Haley tried the same strategy to no avail. All she did was waste money while her Lieutenant Governor, McMaster, and others allowed the corruption to flourish. This attempt to push corrupt politicians may work but for how long? Who is going to be the next Richard Quinn? Promising these things offer nothing, but Bryant’s tangible legislation is the first step to actually creating change in Columbia.

Other legislation that Bryant is responsible for include South Carolina’s Constitutional Carry bill and the Personhood bill. Byrant has written a plan to defund Planned Parenthood and Governor McMaster has promised to veto any funding bill that does not include Byrant’s plan.

Why are we voting for those wishing to follow Bryant’s lead and not Bryant himself? Many people have stated that they agree with Bryant more but do not believe he has a shot at winning. Maybe if everyone who thought with that defeatist mindset would vote for Byrant, he would have a great shot at winning. Admittedly, I did not think that President Donald Trump was going to win. The polls were not in Trump’s favor, as they are not in Bryant’s currently. Perhaps the establishment will be surprised with this race and Bryant will win or at the very least pull some good numbers for a run off. Even if he does not win, Byrant will continue serving South Carolina’s best interests any way that he can because that is who he is. Kevin Bryant is a true conservative activist right down to his core. Regardless of this election’s outcome he will continue his mission to improve South Carolina and promote liberty in our state.

Before you vote on June 12th, please do your research. Familiarize yourself with these candidate’s pasts and whether or not they have remained consistent. Remember that many of the views the other candidates hold, are ones that Bryant has already written bills on. He does not deliver just rhetoric, he has a firm record of actually standing up for these positions no matter what.

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