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How NOT to Respond to Tragedies, the Texas Church Shooting

By David L. Hawkins, III / Published on Tuesday, 07 Nov 2017 17:07 PM / Comments Off on How NOT to Respond to Tragedies, the Texas Church Shooting / 129 views

This past Sunday, November 5th, a shooter murdered 26 people at the church that he attended. This deadliest shooting in Texas history has garnered reactions from politicians, celebrities, and the common man alike. Devin Patrick Kelley, the shooter, had a history of instability and violence. There are reports of him stalking his exes, abusing animals, and escaping a mental health center in 2012. He was obviously someone who had a plethora of issues yet conversations about mental health are not at the forefront.

Instead people have been taking to Twitter to beg for gun control and ridiculing prayer. A standout were the angry tweets aimed at Paul Ryan.

Wheaton quickly apologized for his attack on prayer and went to advocate for gun control.

The biggest problem with his redirection to gun control is the fact that the shooter had his weapon illegally. He want then chased and stopped by Stephen Willeford, a local hero and an NRA instructor with a legally owned AR-15. Despite this, many still are saying that the “good guy with a gun” argument does not have any substance to it. CNN even criticized President Trump for using the “good guy with a gun” argument despite it fitting this specific situation perfectly. Who knows how many more people would have been hurt and killed if Willeford wouldn’t have stepped in and practiced his 2nd Amendment rights. Below is an interview with Willeford conducted by Steven Crowder.

In this interview, Willeford event states that if he only had a pistol against the gunman it would have been futile. The gunman had a bulletproof vest and a helmet on.

Other people, like Chelsea Handler, talked against guns while both attacking the president and making it sound as if she cared about mental health.

She then shifted focus on an attack on all Republicans.

In a time when this country needs unity, people like Handler would rather fear monger and paint Republicans as monsters. Everything has to become a polarizing political issue for these people and hurt the other side of the political divide. These people should be focused on helping the community of Sutherland Springs instead of attacking and hurting those they disagree with. Just think of how the loved ones of those affected feel about celebrities taking Twitter to attack their beliefs. That is not how to help prevent more of these shootings.

There are good people in this world such as Willeford. Let his example shine through and let the victims of this tragic event be celebrated. If you are able to donate money to the victims there are several ways you can. You can donate to the church through their PayPal through the donate tab on their Facebook page. There are also two GoFundMe pages that are verified. One is for the Hill Family while the other is for the Holcombe family.

If you are unable to send any monetary donations, please pray for those affected.