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Baked chicken, crow stew and cooked goose

By Palmetto Sentinel / Published on Saturday, 21 Sep 2019 14:11 PM / Comments Off on Baked chicken, crow stew and cooked goose / 212 views

The University of South Carolina has been in the news again recently, and it’s not for any outstanding achievements that we know of.  No, they are in the news because of their Tailgating 101 course that is being offered to their students.  Nothing wrong with that, I suppose…except…they’re breaking the law because of courses that are not being offered.  What?  Yea, they’re breaking the law.  Let’s give it a look.

By law, the State of South Carolina says that colleges must require students to study “US founding documents” for at least a year, in order to graduate.  The university claims that it would cost so much to develop and teach. 

The information below, found at The State.

Implementing this bill would cost the University of South Carolina up to $3.4 million a year in additional staff, according to the bill’s fiscal impact statement. South Carolina State University would need $115,000 per year to pay for an additional professor to teach the required course. College of Charleston would need $25,000 in one-time money to develop the course. Francis Marion University, the Medical University of South Carolina and Lander University would incur no additional costs, the impact statement said. Clemson University was not included in the fiscal impact statement.

There are two ways to remedy this.  One is for the university to comply and have these courses implemented into their curriculum.  The other remedy is for the university to no longer receive government funds.  Pretty simple.  Taxpayers should not have to fund these institutions of higher learning, since the higher learning bar is now set so low!  Now, if you want to see some of the other course USC offers, go here and enjoy!

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