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23 Haiku’s

By David L. Hawkins, III / Published on Tuesday, 10 Sep 2019 20:55 PM / No Comments / 126 views

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  1. a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.
    • a poem in English written in the form of a haiku.

For my college creative writing course, we had to write 3 haiku’s. I really enjoyed writing the 3 for class. As a result, I ended up writing 20 more. The final 3 here are the 3 I turned in.

1. “in the backroom”

pride gets in my way
it does not have to, weakness
crying in the backroom.

2. “chutes&ladders”

we dance in Japan
hell has no hold on us now
for these strings are gone.

3. “coffee stains”

stimulating ghosts
reminders on my shirt
of productive days.

4. “we only have so much time”

to dream is to die
had trouble sleeping last night
I’m afraid we are fleeting.

5. “yogananda”

I thought I knew you
until I became afraid
I wish I knew you.

6. “seventy-seven”

in doubt, glory breathes
sea testifies Your goodness
the Shepherd and sheep.

7. “PTSD”

traumas surround me
keep it in, keep it in, please
giwish this would just leave.

8. “to Grandpa”

bless your wrinkled hands
bless those Debbie cakes you bought
and bless your service.

9. “rodeo”

you’re a rodeo
your wildness leads my soul
give me adventure.

10. “you came to us like a hurricane”

trailer walls rattle
you shake this house with anger
we were mere victims.

11. “the numbers game”

good things come in three’s
still I exude gratitude
when bad comes in two’s.

12. “vincent”

show me your eyes, sir
the starry visions you see
they’ll call us crazy.

13. “chester”

in the end, you’re gone
and nothing can be redone
leave out all the rest.

14. “Black&Bronze

still they throw their stones
even in the light of day
skin deep is their hate.

15. “the heirloom you never asked for”

I know that valley
I know it all too well, son
the depth of despair.

16. “trees”

emerald tears fall
roots giving way to new life
a breath of fresh air.

17. “a letter Georgia”

sweet Georgia peaches
wish your warmth would stay with me
I guess nothing lasts.

18. “mirage”

these years dead and gone
blink just a second too long
I swear you were here.

19. “warmth”

blades of grass reach out
yearning to just be closer
to Sun and his warmth.

20. “a baptism”

hell or high water
promise I’ll never falter
just wash me away.

31. “Erica, 2000”

your absence steals joy
bastardom knows my name well
so do our prospects.

32. “Buddy, 1959”

everyday you live
once on Earth, now through speakers
our blue Bonanza.

33. “Hawkins, 2019”

first generation
something I couldn’t have dreamed
new pressures on me.


Thanks for taking the time to read these! I hope you found at least a few you enjoyed, as I certainly enjoyed writing and compiling these! Having myself put together 33 of these definitely gave me an appreciation for this poetry style.

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